Sri Lanka is one of the highest biologically diverse countries in Asia and recognized as a “biodiversity hot spot” of global and national importance. Sri Lanka has a rich diversity of flora and fauna, owing to the varied climate, topography and soils, believed to be the highest in Asia in terms of unit land area. Much of the species are endemic, are distributed in a wide range of ecosystems which can be broadly categorized into forest, grassland, aquatic, coastal, marine and cultivated. The diversity of ecosystems in the country has resulted in a host of habitats, which contain high genetic diversity.


The expertise human resources in higher education institutions and in various other organizations in Sri Lanka are not properly utilized contrast to other countries to train the manpower for future generations especially in the fields of environmental sciences. Although, there is a big demand for such courses among the employees in different sectors and school leavers, deficiencies of such opportunities will be filled at a certain extent by the courses which will be panned. This prgramme is supported by the UNEP Project under the Ministry of Mahaveli Development and Environment and Department of Agriculture.


The main objective of this distance learning program is to cater the emerging demand with the emerging importance in the fields of biodiversity, ecosystem management and environment.