Courses shall be evaluated on the basis of assignments, seminars, mid course exam and end-course examination. Maximum and minimum limits of each course will be changed based on the nature of the course. However, the minimum marks for the end course examination shall be 50% and the end-course examinations will be conducted by the DCEU at selected centers throughout the country.

Limitations of the marks for each component;

Criterion Maximum Minimum
End Semester Examination 80% 50%
Mid Semester Examination 25% —–
Practical / field Work 25% —–
Assignments / Seminars 25% ——
Oral Examinations (End Semester) 10% ——
Term papers / Review reports 20% ——


Grades and Grade points shall be assigned for each course according to the following table.


Marks (%) (Out of 100) Grade Points
 ≥85 A+ 4.0
80 – 84 A 4.0
75 – 79 A- 3.7
70 – 74 B+ 3.3
65 – 69 B 3.0
60 – 64 B- 2.7
55 – 59 C+ 2.3
50 – 54 C 2.0
45 – 49 C- 1.7
40 – 44 D+ 1.3
35-39 D 1.0
40> F 0


Overall Grade Point Average (GPA) is calculated using the formula;


GPA = ∑ CiGi / ∑ Ci


Where  Ci is the number of credits for theith course

Gi is the grade point obtain for the ithcourse

The student should maintain the GPA at the level of 2.0 or above. The student should repeat the courses which he/she got less than D grade at the next earliest opportunity and the students can obtain a maximum of B- grade. If the student has obtained C-, D+ or D grades for a course, the student has alternatives either to repeat the course and or to keep the grade as it is ifthe student can maintain the minimum GPA requirement.


For the directed study, an advisor / a mentor will be appointed by the Board of Agriculture of DCEU. The directed study may be literature survey of particular area, study of current issue, analysis of relevant field using secondary of primary data, development of models, development of software, survey or any other assignment with the agreement of the advisor. After completion of the directed study, the student should conduct a seminar and should be submitted a report. The directed study will be evaluated in following marking scheme.


Component Marks
Proposal 20 % – 25 %
Advisors’ evaluation reports, ( Laboratory / field evaluation. etc.) 25 % – 50 %
Evaluation of final draft report 40 % – 50 %
Total 100 %


After completion of the required number of course credits subjected to requirements of core courses and optional courses the student will be offered the Advance Certificate / Diploma if the student is achieved GPA of 2.00..